This page contains an index of all the sources in the database, sorted by their title. Clicking on a source’s title will take you to that source’s page.

1. 1841 UK Census [S0061]
2. 1851 UK Census [S0060]
3. 1861 UK Census [S0042]
4. 1871 UK Census [S0034]
5. 1881 UK Census [S0032]
6. 1891 UK Census [S0028]
7. 1901 UK Census [S0046]
8. 1920 USA Census [S0052]
9. 1961 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0017]
10. 1962 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0018]
11. 1963 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0019]
12. 1964 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0020]
13. 1965 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0021]
14. 1967 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0412]
15. 1968 South and South-West England / Southampton Telephone Directory [S0022]
16. 1969 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0023]
17. 1970 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0024]
18. 1970 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0027]
19. 1971 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0025]
20. 1971 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0262]
21. 1972 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0026]
22. 1972 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0260]
23. 1975 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0252]
24. 1975 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0259]
25. 1976 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0287]
26. 1976 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0253]
27. 1977 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0288]
28. 1977 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0255]
29. 1979 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0279]
30. 1980 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0258]
31. 1981 North & West Devon and North East Cornwall District Telephone Directory [S0394]
32. 1981 Southampton Area Telephone Directory [S0280]
33. 1981 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0256]
34. 1983 North & West Devon and North East Cornwall DIstrict Telephone Directory [S0393]
35. 1983 Southend-on-Sea Area Telephone Directory [S0254]
36. 1984 Southampton Telephone Directory [S0289]
37. 1984 Southend-on-Sea Telephone Directory [S0257]
38. Addy, Ann Elizabeth; Birth Certificate [S0211]
39. Addy, Ann Eliza; Birth Certificate [S0358]
40. Addy, Clara; Birth Certificate [S0203]
41. Addy, Florence (bn 1865); Birth Certificate [S0077]
42. Addy, Florence (bn 1870); Birth Certificate [S0073]
43. Addy, Frederick; Death Certificate [S0284]
44. Addy, George Henry; Birth Certificate [S0104]
45. Addy, GH & Crapper, AM; Marriage Certificate [S0189]
46. Addy, J & Naylor, K; Marriage Certificate [S0153]
47. Addy, John; Death Certificate [S0074]
48. Addy, Joyce; Death Certificate [S0285]
49. Addy, Kezia; Death Certificate [S0274]
50. Addy, TEN & Hibberd, AE; Marriage Certificate [S0214]
51. Addy, Thomas Naylor; Birth Certificate [S0418]
52. Allen, J & Harlow, M; Marriage Certificate [S0124]
53. All Saints Church Chatham, Parish Register [S0263]
54. Baker, G & Brothers, R; Marriage Certificate [S0328]
55. Baker, Rhoda; Death Certificate [S0151]
56. Baker, Sarah Ann; Birth Certificate [S0297]
57. Balmand, William; Death Certificate [S0090]
58. Balmond, Ada (bn 1877); Birth Certificate [S0217]
59. Balmond, Ann; Death Certificate [S0081]
60. Balmond, Annie; Birth Certificate [S0232]
61. Balmond, Elizabeth Ada; Birth Certificate [S0030]
62. Balmond, Florence; Birth Certificate [S0013]
63. Balmond, Florence Grace; Birth Certificate [S0169]
64. Balmond, Jessie; Birth Certificate [S0240]
65. Balmond, Jessie; Death Certificate [S0226]
66. Balmond, J & Knight, M; Marriage Certificate [S0065]
67. Balmond, Joseph (bn 1789); Death Certificate [S0345]
68. Balmond, Joseph (bn 1841); Death Certificate [S0173]
69. Balmond, Joseph (bn 1864); Birth Certificate [S0120]
70. Balmond, Joseph (bn 1864); Death Certificate [S0145]
71. Balmond, J & Skuse, E; Marriage Certificate [S0178]
72. Balmond, J & Williams, S; Marriage Certificate [S0351]
73. Balmond, Margaret Jane; Birth Certificate [S0323]
74. Balmond, Mary Ann; Birth Certificate [S0325]
75. Balmond, Mary Balmond; Certificate [S0224]
76. Balmond, May; Birth Certificate [S0191]
77. Balmond, Sarah; Birth Certificate [S0370]
78. Balmond, Sarah; Death Certificate [S0144]
79. Balmond, William Henry; Birth Certificate [S0233]
80. Balmont, Mary Anne; Birth Certificate [S0070]
81. Bampton Marriages 1754 - 1812 [S0223]
82. Barker, Rose; Birth Certificate [S0142]
83. Bates, Sarah Jane; Birth Certificate [S0152]
84. Bellingham, Barbara Birth; Certificate [S0149]
85. Bellingham, John; Birth Certificate [S0219]
86. Bellingham, Joseph; Death Certificate [S0085]
87. Bellingham, Samuel; Death Certificate [S0327]
88. Bellingham, Sarah (bn 1770); Death Certificate [S0083]
89. Bellingham, Sarah (bn 1811); Death Certificate [S0339]
90. Bristol Diocese Baptismal Registers Vols. 1 to 7 [S0215]
91. Bristol Diocese Marriage Registers Vol. 9 [S0435]
92. Broadley, Emma Birth; Certificate [S0401]
93. Broadley, Sarah; Death Certificate [S0091]
94. Broadley, Thomas; Death Certificate [S0097]
95. Broadley, T & Mills, E; Marriage Certificate [S0092]
96. Brothers, Ann; Death Certificate [S0317]
97. Brothers, John; Death Certificate [S0093]
98. Buckingham, Ann Fothergill; Birth Certificate [S0368]
99. Buckingham, C & Fothergill, A; Marriage Certificate [S0037]
100. Buckingham, Charles (bn 1792); Death Certificate [S0095]
101. Buckingham, Charles (bn 1821); Death Certificate [S0102]
102. Churches of UK & Ireland [S0386]
103. Clewley, J & Harlow, EE; Marriage Certificate [S0220]
104. Congregation for The Conferment of Degrees [S0071]
105. Countisbury Marriages 1813-1837 [S0063]
106. Creswick, Ernest; Birth Certificate [S0308]
107. Creswick, Ethel; Birth Certificate [S0305]
108. Creswick, Frances Mabel; Birth Certificate [S0294]
109. Creswick, Jessie; Birth Certificate [S0353]
110. CWGC Web Site [S0225]
111. Danworth Brook Farm House [S0194]
112. Directory of Essex, Herts, Kent, Middlesex, Surrey & Sussex [S0441]
113. Dix, Susannah; Death Certificate [S0033]
114. Dix, William; Death Certificate [S0188]
115. Drabble, W & Ball, B; Marriage Certificate [S0062]
116. Drabble, William; Death Certificate [S0246]
117. Drabble, W & Wragg, A; Marriage Certificate [S0244]
118. Dry, D & Harlow, M; Marriage Certificate [S0051]
119. Dunn, Mary Ann; Death Certificate [S0290]
120. Durham, Northumberland, and Yorkshire Royal National Commercial Directory, Vol. 1 [S0170]
121. Dyson, Catherine; Birth Certificate [S0272]
122. Dyson, Emma; Death Certificate [S0400]
123. Dyson, H & Barker, C; Marriage Certificate [S0057]
124. Dyson, Henry; Birth Certificate [S0050]
125. Dyson, Matthew; Death Certificate [S0365]
126. Dyson, M & Wragg, E; Marriage Certificate [S0383]
127. Dyson, Rose Hannah; Birth Certificate [S0360]
128. Dyson, Sarah Louise; Birth Certificate [S0299]
129. Exford, Culbone and Oare Parish Registers [S0182]
130. Fairbrass, Esther; Death Certificate [S0035]
131. Fairbrass, Stephen; Death Certificate [S0036]
132. Foad, Suzannah; email [S0179]
133. Fosbery, Alice Augusta; Birth Certificate [S0359]
134. Fosbery, Caroline; Death Certificate [S0049]
135. Fosbery, Emily; Birth Certificate [S0242]
136. Fosbery, Helena Caroline; Birth Certificate [S0155]
137. Fosbery, James; Death Certificate [S0316]
138. Fosbery, Laman Blanchard; Birth Certificate [S0430]
139. Fosbery, Layman; Death Certificate [S0200]
140. Fosbery, Lucy; Birth Certificate [S0282]
141. Fosbery, Lydia; Birth Certificate [S0355]
142. Fosbery, Mary; Death Certificate [S0118]
143. Fosbery, Rose Geraldine; Death Certificate [S0197]
144. FreeREG [S0186]
145. GENUKI [S0286]
146. Gittens, AH & Balmond, A; Marriage Certificate [S0209]
147. Green, Annie Mary; Death Certificate [S0131]
148. Green, CT & Zaccone, ML; Marriage Certificate [S0320]
149. Green, Cyril Thomas; Birth Certificate [S0283]
150. Green, Cyril Thomas; Death Certificate [S0275]
151. Green, Ellen; Death Certificate [S0205]
152. Green, Emily Jessie; Birth Certificate [S0202]
153. Green, John; Death Certificate [S0392]
154. Green, John Simpson; Birth Certificate [S0268]
155. Green, Marie-Louise; Death Certificate [S0322]
156. Green Samuel; Birth Certificate [S0267]
157. Green, S & Elliott, A; Marriage Certificate [S0269]
158. Green, T & Boasman, A; Marriage Certificate [S0069]
159. Green Thomas; Birth Certificate [S0168]
160. Green, WBS & Griffin, AM Marriage Certificate [S0332]
161. Green, William Batler Simpson; Birth Certificate [S0378]
162. Green, William Batler Simpson; Death Certificate [S0318]
163. Griffin, Ann Mary; Birth Certificate [S0329]
164. Griffin, Christiana; Death Certificate [S0331]
165. Griffin, James; Death Certificate [S0300]
166. Griffin, J & Dix, P; Marriage Certificate [S0338]
167. Griffin, John; Death Certificate [S0372]
168. Griffin, Phoebe; Death Certificate [S0369]
169. Hampshire Bishops Transcripts vol. 66 - 70 [S0413]
170. Harlow, Ann; Death Certificate [S0127]
171. Harlow, Beatrice Maud; Birth Certificate [S0041]
172. Harlow, Beatrice Maud; Death Certificate [S0040]
173. Harlow, Edmund Henry; Birth Certificate [S0437]
174. Harlow, Esther Emily; Birth Certificate [S0310]
175. Harlow, Frances; Birth Certificate [S0108]
176. Harlow, Frances Charlotte; Birth Certificate [S0312]
177. Harlow, Frances (nee Fairbrass); Death Certificate [S0125]
178. Harlow, Frances (nee Gibbs); Death Certificate [S0112]
179. Harlow, George (bn 1826); Death Certificate [S0088]
180. Harlow, George (bn 1834); Death Certificate [S0132]
181. Harlow, George (bn 1864); Birth Certificate [S0147]
182. Harlow, GF & Constable, EM; Marriage Certificate [S0210]
183. Harlow, G & Harlow, F; Marriage Certificate [S0309]
184. Harlow, & Gibbs, FA; Marriage Certificate [S0296]
185. Harlow, G & Parnum, E; Marriage Certificate [S0111]
186. Harlow, Henry; Death Certificate [S0107]
187. Harlow, H & Fairbrass, F; Marriage Certificate [S0105]
188. Harlow, James; Death Certificate [S0208]
189. Harlow, Jesse; Birth Certificate [S0113]
190. Harlow, Jesse; Death Certificate [S0424]
191. Harlow, John; Birth Certificate [S0167]
192. Harlow, John; Death Certificate [S0315]
193. Harlow, John William; Birth Certificate [S0311]
194. Harlow, J & Robins, M; Marriage Certificate [S0122]
195. Harlow, JW & Miriams, E; Marriage Certificate [S0239]
196. Harlow, Mary Ann; Birth Certificate [S0357]
197. Harlow, Mercy (bn 1857); Birth Certificate [S0106]
198. Harlow, Mercy (bn 1862); Birth Certificate [S0123]
199. Harlow, Richard; Death Certificate [S0039]
200. Harlow, Richard Edward George; Birth Certificate [S0114]
201. Harlow, Sarah Ann; Birth Certificate [S0109]
202. Harlow, Sarah Anne; Death Certificate [S0110]
203. Harlow, Sarah (bn 1781); Death Certificate [S0439]
204. Harman, Hannah; Death Certificate [S0419]
205. Harman, James; Death Certificate [S0089]
206. Harman, J & Blunden, B; Marriage Certificate [S0129]
207. Harmer, J & Martin, R; Marriage Certificate [S0261]
208. Hills, AE & Harlow, F; Marriage Certificate [S0031]
209. Hogben, David; Death Certificate [S0119]
210. Hogben, Mary Ann; Death Certificate [S0130]
211. Hogben, Mary; Death Certificate [S0121]
212. Hogben, Sarah; Baptism Certificate [S0278]
213. Hogben, W & Rossiter, MA; Marriage Certificate [S0230]
214. Hogbin, Ann; Birth Certificate [S0160]
215. Hogbin, Mary Ann; Birth Certificate [S0162]
216. Hogbin, Victoria; Birth Certificate [S0158]
217. Holder, AG & Johnson, K; Marriage Certificate [S0343]
218. Holder, AJ & Baker, SA; Marriage Certificate [S0340]
219. Holder, Arthur George; Birth Certificate [S0047]
220. Holder, Arthur George; Death Certificate [S0137]
221. Holder, Arthur John; Birth Certificate [S0075]
222. Holder, Arthur John; Death Certificate [S0135]
223. Holder, Arthur Richard William; Birth Certificate [S0010]
224. Holder, Arthur Richard William; Death Certificate [S0008]
225. Holder, ARW & Quelch, WV; Marriage Certificate [S0012]
226. Holder, Beryl Lilian; Birth Certificate [S0007]
227. Holder, Edgar; Birth Certificate [S0270]
228. Holder, Harry Allen; Birth Certificate [S0247]
229. Holder, H & Bennett, SA; Marriage Certificate [S0271]
230. Holder, Henry; Death Certificate [S0068]
231. Holder, Isaac; Birth Certificate [S0302]
232. Holder, J & Allen, M; Marriage Certificate [S0248]
233. Holder, JT & Beer, PM; Marriage Certificate [S0237]
234. Holder, Kate; Death Certificate [S0134]
235. Holder, Martha; Death Certificate [S0055]
236. Holder, Sarah Ann (bn 1810); Death Certificate [S0067]
237. Holder, Sarah Ann (bn 1854); Death Certificate [S0133]
238. Holder, William Henry; Birth Certificate [S0250]
239. Holder, Winifred Violet; Death Certificate [S0009]
240. Holy Trinity Brompton, Parish Register [S0222]
241. Horseman, Hester; Birth Certificate [S0236]
242. Ibbertson, F & Addy, AEN; Marriage Certificate [S0397]
243. International Genealogical Index [S0148]
244. Johnson, Elizabeth Mary; Death Certificate [S0421]
245. Johnson, Harry Richard; Death Certificate [S0054]
246. Johnson, HR & Moody, AE; Marriage Certificate [S0058]
247. Johnson, Kate; Birth Certificate [S0367]
248. Johnson, Mary; Death Certificate [S0171]
249. Johnson, Richard; Birth Certificate [S0086]
250. Johnson, Richard; Death Certificate [S0101]
251. Johnson, R & Larkins, EM; Marriage Certificate [S0342]
252. Johnson, Sidney Alfred; Birth Certificate [S0422]
253. Johnson, Sidney Alfred; Death Certificate [S0429]
254. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 02 [S0174]
255. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 03 [S0184]
256. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 04 [S0064]
257. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 05 [S0187]
258. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 06 [S0180]
259. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 07 [S0015]
260. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 08 [S0029]
261. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 09 [S0198]
262. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 10 [S0238]
263. Kent FHS Parish Registers Vol. 11 [S0433]
264. Knight, Charles; Death Certificate [S0313]
265. Knight, Eliza; Birth Certificate [S0425]
266. Knight, Eliza; Death Certificate [S0426]
267. Knight, Fanny Frances; Birth Certificate [S0048]
268. Knight, G & Rossiter, A; Marriage Certificate [S0228]
269. Knight, Joseph; Birth Certificate [S0314]
270. Knight, J & Rose, F; Marriage Certificate [S0373]
271. Knight, Leonard; Death Certificate [S0080]
272. Knight, Mary; Birth Certificate [S0100]
273. Knight, Mary; Death Certificate [S0079]
274. Knight, Sarah Jane; Birth Certificate [S0266]
275. Larkins, Elizabeth Mary; Birth Certificate [S0350]
276. Larkins, Frances; Death Certificate [S0161]
277. Linton Parish Register Microfilm [S0206]
278. Loader, Edward; Death Certificate [S0417]
279. Loukes, Alice; Birth Registration [S0177]
280. Love's Guide To The Church Bells of Kent [S0389]
281. Marriott, Annie Eliza; Death Certificate [S0405]
282. Marriott, J & Rhodes, A; Marriage Certificate [S0352]
283. Mid-Kent Marriage Index [S0440]
284. Moate, Beryl Lilian; Death Certificate [S0005]
285. Moate, JC & Rogers, BL; Marriage Certificate [S0384]
286. Moggridge, Doreen; Telephone Conversation [S0016]
287. Monmouthshire Parish Register Transcripts [S0195]
288. Norfolk Churches [S0388]
289. Oxfordshire Parish Registers Vol. 1 [S0411]
290. Oxfordshire Parish Registers Vol. 3 [S0192]
291. Packman, W & Baker, RH; Marriage Certificate [S0377]
292. Pallot's Marriage Index 1780 - 1837 [S0395]
293. Pettet, Mary; Death Certificate [S0099]
294. Pettett, A & Honeysett, A; Marriage Certificate [S0229]
295. Pettett, Alice; Death Certificate [S0172]
296. Pettett, C & Bellingham, B; Marriage Certificate [S0150]
297. Pettett, Charles; Birth Certificate [S0154]
298. Pettett, C & Hunt, LM; Marriage Certificate [S0146]
299. Pettett, Emma; Birth Certificate [S0141]
300. Pettett, George Thomas; Birth Certificate [S0139]
301. Pettett, Joseph; Death Certificate [S0096]
302. Pettett, Joseph; Will [S0056]
303. Pettett, Thomas; Death Certificate [S0098]
304. Pettett, Violet Lizzie; Birth Certificate [S0344]
305. Pettitt, Barbara; Death Certificate [S0138]
306. Pettitt, Charles; Death Certificate [S0303]
307. Pettitt, G & Ponder, L; Marriage Certificate [S0431]
308. Pettitt, Martha; Birth Certificate [S0428]
309. Pontypool, Llanfihangel Pontymoile Register of Burials 1754 - 1950 [S0204]
310. Porlock Parish Registers (Part 1 Baptisms) [S0181]
311. Porlock Parish Registers (Part 2, Marriages & Burials) [S0183]
312. Quelch, AA & Buckingham, AF; Marriage Certificate [S0330]
313. Quelch, AA & Harlow, M; Marriage Certificate [S0366]
314. Quelch, Alfred; Birth Certificate [S0066]
315. Quelch, Alfred; Death Certificate [S0116]
316. Quelch, Anne Fothergill; Death Certificate [S0354]
317. Quelch, David; Death Certificate [S0166]
318. Quelch, D & Price, HM; Marriage Certificate [S0364]
319. Quelch, Ernest Sydney; Birth Certificate [S0304]
320. Quelch, Ernest Sydney; Death Certificate [S0117]
321. Quelch, ES & Pettitt, VE; Marriage Certificate [S0336]
322. Quelch, GE & Pettitt, MA; Marriage Certificate [S0216]
323. Quelch, Hannah Maria; Death Certificate [S0159]
324. Quelch, Jane; Death Certificate [S0175]
325. Quelch, Mercy; Death Certificate [S0128]
326. Quelch, Sarah Ann; Birth Certificate [S0379]
327. Quelch, Thomas; Death Certificate [S0391]
328. Quelch, Violet Lizzie; Death Certificate [S0115]
329. Quelch, Winifred Violet; Birth Certificate [S0011]
330. Ratcliffe, Alice Augusta; Death Certificate [S0398]
331. Ratcliff, Emma; Birth Cerificate [S0376]
332. Ratcliffe, S & Fosbery, A; Marriage Certificate [S0334]
333. Ratcliff, Florence Emily; Birth Certificate [S0337]
334. Ratcliff, Samuel; Death Certificate [S0348]
335. Ratcliff, Sarah; Birth Certificate [S0363]
336. Rhodes, Frederick William; Admiralty Record Sheet [S0176]
337. Rhodes, Frederick William; Birth Certificate [S0346]
338. Rhodes, Frederick William; Death Certificate [S0276]
339. Rhodes, FW & Balmond, S; Marriage Certificate [S0361]
340. Rhodes, J & Broadley, M; Marriage Certificate [S0301]
341. Rhodes, JH & Addey, AE; Marriage Certificate [S0295]
342. Rhodes, John; Death Certificate [S0362]
343. Rhodes, John Henry; Birth Certificate [S0319]
344. Rhodes, Marion Louisa; Death Certificate [S0038]
345. Rhodes, Mary; Death Certificate [S0053]
346. Rhodes, SA & Bates, SJ; Marriage Certificate [S0356]
347. Rhodes, Sarah; Birth Certificate [S0136]
348. Rhodes, Sarah; Death Certificate [S0277]
349. Rhodes, Sarah Jane; Death Certificate [S0157]
350. Rhodes, SA & Wainwright, ML; Marriage Certificate [S0382]
351. Rhodes, Sinclair Addey; Birth Certificate [S0349]
352. Rhodes, Sinclair Addy; Death Certificate [S0126]
353. Rhodes, William; Death Certificate [S0403]
354. Robins, Mercy Cayley; Birth Certificate [S0196]
355. Rogers, Albert Edward; Birth Certificate [S0273]
356. Rogers, Ann Alma; Birth Certificate [S0402]
357. Rogers, Ann Alma; Death Certificate [S0396]
358. Rogers, Arthur John Douglas; Birth Certificate [S0291]
359. Rogers, Bradley; Attended [S0281]
360. Rogers, Bradley; Birth Certificate [S0000]
361. Rogers, B & Rhodes, S; Marriage Certificate [S0001]
362. Rogers, Edward George; Birth Certificate [S0321]
363. Rogers, Edward George; Death Certificate [S0416]
364. Rogers, Edward James; Birth Certificate [S0333]
365. Rogers, Edward James; Death Certificate [S0420]
366. Rogers, Edward William; Birth Certificate [S0006]
367. Rogers, Edward William; Death Certificate [S0374]
368. Rogers, EG & Green, JE; Marriage Certificate [S0347]
369. Rogers, EJ & Knight, FF; Marriage Certificate [S0371]
370. Rogers, Elizabeth; Death Certificate [S0164]
371. Rogers, Elizabeth Jane; Birth Certificate [S0410]
372. Rogers, Elizabeth Jane; Death Certificate [S0406]
373. Rogers, Emily Jessie; Death Certificate [S0415]
374. Rogers, EW & Butterfield, P; Marriage Certificate [S0438]
375. Rogers, EW & Holder, BL; Marriage Certificate [S0004]
376. Rogers, EW & Painter, PEL; Marriage Certificate [S0201]
377. Rogers, Fanny Frances; Death Certificate [S0213]
378. Rogers, Florry Kate; Birth Certificate [S0193]
379. Rogers, James (bn 1791); Death Certificate [S0165]
380. Rogers, James (bn 1840); Death Certificate [S0014]
381. Rogers, J & Hogben, S; Marriage Certificate [S0324]
382. Rogers, Kate; Birth Cetificate [S0292]
383. Rogers, Lilian; Birth Certificate [S0003]
384. Rogers, May; Birth Certificate [S0199]
385. Rogers, Norman Douglas; Birth Certificate [S0140]
386. Rogers, Thomas George; Birth Certificate [S0434]
387. Rogers, William Rhodes; Birth Certificate [S0002]
388. Rose, Rebecca; Birth Certificate [S0251]
389. Rose, Thomas; Birth Certificate [S0399]
390. Ross Family History Web Site [S0436]
391. Rossiter, Ann; Death Certificate [S0084]
392. Rossiter, Edward; Death Certificate [S0082]
393. Rossiter, E & Loader, A; Marriage Certificate [S0231]
394. Rossiter, Richard; Death Certificate [S0076]
395. Rotherfield Parish Registers [S0207]
396. Schave, Paula Kay; Letter [S0241]
397. Selworthy Parish Registers and Civil Papers (Part 1 - Parish Registers) [S0245]
398. Sheffield FHS [S0265]
399. Siese, AG & Hills, AE; Marriage Certificate [S0432]
400. Skuse, S & Horseman, H; Marriage Certificate [S0234]
401. Somerset County Council Web Site [S0385]
402. St Barnabas Church Gillingham, Parish Register [S0044]
403. Steed, EG & Hogbin, J; Marriage Certificate [S0059]
404. St John the Baptist Church, Margate [S0390]
405. St Margaret of Antioch Rainham, Parish Register [S0221]
406. St Mary Chatham, Parish Registers [S0218]
407. St Mary Magdalene Gillingham, Parish Register [S0043]
408. Submissions @ Sussex Weald [S0212]
409. Surrey Marriage Index to 1837 2nd edition [S0408]
410. Venn, Louisa Fanny; Birth Certificate [S0423]
411. Wainwright, Arthur William Dyson; Birth Certificate [S0307]
412. Wainwright, Catherine; Death Certificate [S0293]
413. Wainwright, Elizabeth; Death Certificate [S0103]
414. Wainwright, Kate Emily; Birth Certificate [S0306]
415. Wainwright, Marion Louisa; Birth Certificate [S0380]
416. Wainwright, Sam; Birth Certificate [S0381]
417. Wainwright, S & Dyson, C; Marriage Certificate [S0326]
418. Warman, FJ & Balmond, A; Marriage Certificate [S0045]
419. Wedding Venues [S0409]
420. Wesleyan Methodist Register Of Baptisms - Gosport Methodist Circuit [S0190]
421. West Somerset Parish Registers Web site [S0243]
422. White's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham, 1911 [S0185]
423. Wikipedia [S0387]
424. Williams, Elizabeth; Death Certificate [S0414]
425. Williams, Eliza; Death Certificate [S0072]
426. Williams, Grace; Birth Certificate [S0163]
427. Williams, James; Death Certificate [S0404]
428. Williams, J & Matthews, E; Marriage Certificate [S0078]
429. Williams, John; Death Certificate [S0407]
430. Williams, Sarah; Birth Certificate [S0156]
431. Williams, WT & Hogbin, A; Marriage Certificate [S0235]
432. Withyham Parish Registers [S0264]
433. Wood, Mary Ann; Death Certificate [S0249]
434. Woodward. HG & Balmond, M; Marriage Certificate [S0227]
435. Wragg, Charlotte; Death Certficate [S0087]
436. Wragg, Frederic; Birth Certificate [S0143]
437. Wragg, William; Death Certificate [S0094]
438. WW1 Pension Records 1914 - 1920 [S0427]
439. Zaccone, Florence Emily; Death Certificate [S0375]
440. Zaccone, Marie-Louise; Birth Certificate [S0298]
441. Zaccone, NC & Ratcliff, FE; Marriage Certificate [S0341]
442. Zaccone, Nicholas Christ; US Military Registration Card [S0335]